Dr. Thomas Vogt – your dentist in Munich.

“Art is my passion. I combine it with my eternal striving for perfection. From it I create my inspiration. I believe that only those who concern themselves with the highest form of quality and aesthetics are also capable of creating them. My professional life is characterised by my eternal search for the perfect solution. I devote myself to the health of your teeth with dedication, experience and a great deal of knowledge. My claim is that I use the latest procedures and techniques in dental medicine.”

A passion for dental medicine.

How does one explain all the dental skills which make a good experience into an especially good one? Is it dedication to the profession or enthusiasm for highly innovative methods and procedures? It is hard to explain, but your teeth will reveal all.

Dr. Thomas Vogt: Specialisations and CV

  • Specialist in EDA implantology
  • Member of several national and international specialist societies
  • Organisation and management of intensive training in Boston/US
  • Organisation of dental conferences with top international experts and live treatments
since 2000

Annual internal skill enhancement meetings of group “A.e.in.Z.” and group “1. Liga” lasting several days

since 1999

Over 15 courses of several days duration with Prof. Frank Spear about the topic “Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry” at the Institute of Advanced Dental Studies in Seattle, USA


Founding of dental practice and the subsequent Z1 Zentrum für Qualitätszahnmedizin

since 1989

Over 300 skill enhancement meetings about periodontology, dental implantology, esthetic and prosthetic dentistry in Europe and the USA

since 1989


Organization of 12 study trips to the University of Havard and the Institue for Advanced Dental Studies




Founding member of the study group “Committed innovative dentistry” A.e. in Z.
Host of over 20 conventions with live surgery about aesthetics, prosthetic dentistry, periodontology, dental implantology, functional therapy, prosthetic dentistry and dental hygiene


First work in implantology


Over 40 intense study visits about the topic Periodontics, Restorative Dentistry and Implantology at the Boston Havard University  and at the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies with Prof. Kramer / Nevis

since 1977

Regular training in conservational, prosthetic and paradontological dentistry


Opening of a dental practice in Unterföhring