Implantology needs a specialist.

Losing a tooth no longer represents a great aesthetic problem. Wherever there is an ugly, gaping hole, MUNICH DENTAL ART can very quickly find a remedy.

Dr. Thomas Vogt is a specialist in implantology recognised by the European Dental Association (EDA).He regularly takes part in international training and qualification measures on the topic of implantology. This competence enables him and his specially trained team to treat even very difficult and advanced clinical pictures.


Dental implants require great skills, competence and a high level of experience.

Dr. Thomas Vogt works for over 30 years using the newest methods of dental implantology. Him and his team improved and perfected their skills and surgery methods over the years. As an acknowledged expert of implantology by the Dental Association, Dr. Vogt gives lectures at national and international conventions.

His demand: highest quality for long-lasting solutions and first class esthetic.