Dental high-tech that meets the latest standards.

We offer you the best that modern dental technology can currently offer. We are proud of that. Let us use these methods to analyse your dental situation precisely and treat it quickly and in the best way possible. We aim for first class root canal treatment with a very modern dental microscope offering 20x enlargement.

Another piece of high-tech equipment is our intra-oral scanner. It calculates an exact 3D image of your teeth at the speed of lightning, making the taking of unpleasant impressions unnecessary. Procedures such as colour analysis or virtual planning of an implant are also more exact and much more pleasant for you as the patient.

Do you wish you could have an exquisite dental restoration in just one session? That is not a problem for us with the aid of CEREC biogeneric software. Using a computer and an infrared camera, the shape of the filling is calculated and built straight away from high quality ceramic using computer control. All we then have to do is stick this precise filling just has to be stuck to the tooth and it is ready for use.

Naturally beautiful with high-tech.