Bite Plates

Many people suffer from disorders of the jawbone, including an overbite. Even a slight deviation of 1/100 millimetres can change the position of the jawbone. The consequences can sometimes be serious, potentially resulting in pain in the jaw, head, neck and facial area. It could also lead to back pain, physical misalignments or tinnitus.

We have a therapeutic bite plate to treat malocclusions or so-called Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD). This custom made, hard plastic plate aligns the upper and lower jaws in the best possible physical position in relation to each other. The muscles will then be able to relax again and recover.


They have been around in the professional sports world for a long time already: individually customised sports mouthguards.

The effect: Increased performance due to improved breathing, oxygen intake and stamina. What’s more, these mouthguards can provide other benefits as well. As part of “neuromuscular balance”, which works based on providing immediate relief to the jaw and correcting the jaw’s position, they have a very positive effect on the whole body.