Anti-snoring mouthpieces

Up to 40 percent of the population in the industrialised world snores. This can be attributed to the throat muscles that relax during sleep and to the soft tissues in the throat that vibrate when breathing in. The noise effects are annoying, but harmless. Nevertheless, snoring can lead to dangerous sleep apnoea.

So that you and your partner can enjoy a deep and healthy sleep once again, we recommend wearing an anti-snoring mouthpiece. Produced with high quality materials and individually adjusted, it promises reliable relief – and a good night’s sleep.

We will fit you with clear mouthpieces for your upper and lower jaw at the Z1 Centre for quality dental care. Adjusters on both sides connect the two mouthpieces. They gently pull the lower jaw a little towards the front, which opens up your throat.

Air can flow into your lungs easily and silently.