Welcome to the Z1 Zentrum für
Qualitätszahnmedizin in Munich Unterföhring.

Quality is no coincidence. It is the result of excellent material, precise procedure, high expertise and an unmistakable sense of natural appearance and perfect aesthetics.

This is when it fulfills the highest standard: your standard!

There is nothing wrong in striving for perfection,
especially when it comes to your teeth.

During your treatment we provide professional care,
security and excellent treatment.

We are the team that is on your side.

A smile is a visiting card for your personality.
Treat yourself to the privilege of healthy, shining teeth.

Art creates atmosphere. It is diverting, enchanting
and inspiring.

Lean back and enjoy the combination of art and skill in our practice.

Your dentist in Munich/Unterföhring – Dr. Thomas Vogt

Are you looking for an experienced and competent dentist in Munich? Do you want high quality dental treatment – for healthy, naturally beautiful teeth? Then the Z1 Centre for Quality Dental Medicine in Munich/Unterföhring is just the place for you! Our practice is right on the outskirts of the city of Munich and immediately next to the Medienpark in Unterföhring.

High quality, naturally beautiful appearance and best possible functionality

From these perspectives, Dr. med. dent. Thomas Vogt has been offering the whole range of modern dental medicine for over 25 years in the Z1 Centre for Quality Dental Medicine. Whether they require restorative dentistry, implantology, parodontology, dental hygiene, dentures, veneers, bleaching, aesthetic dental medicine, Smile Design, dental splints, complex total rehabilitation, gum transplant, professional dental hygiene or root canal treatment: discriminating patients feel they are in the best hands here.

High-tech dental equipment

Our practice offers extremely modern equipment: from low-radiation digital X-ray diagnostics to 3D dental volume tomography to high-performance microscopes. We are in a position to precisely analyse your individual dental situation within a short time and treat you in the best way possible. Do you wish you could have a dental restoration in just one session? That is not a problem for us with the aid of CEREC biogeneric software. Using a CEREC Omnicam and digital casting, the shape of the filling is calculated by computer and immediately constructed from high-quality ceramic. This precise filling just has to be stuck to the tooth.

Implantology Munich

With the aid of leading technologies and the expertise of our dentists, we can carry out almost any medical and aesthetic requirement for our patients. Dr. Thomas Vogt himself can look back at many years of professional experience. As a specialist in implantology recognised by the European Dental Association (EDA), he is one of the leading implantologists in Munich. This competence enables him, together with his trained specialist team, to supply even very difficult and advanced clinical pictures with titanium and ceramic implants – e.g. using specific build-up of bone in the upper and lower jaw or in the maxillary sinuses (sinus lift).

Relax splints, bite splints, orthodontic splints and anti-snoring appliances

Another focus at the Z1 Centre for Quality Dental Medicine is the use of Relax splints, bite splints, orthodontic splints and snoring appliances. Removable, transparent, orthodontic splints (aligners) lead to astonishing results for the correction of unattractive tooth displacements in adults. Individually adjusted Relax splints help to relieve muscle tension throughout the whole body. And the Z1 snoring appliance can under some circumstances put an end to snoring for you as well.

Dentist for anxious patients

The detailed advice, gentle anaesthetic methods and a varied entertainment programme with iPod and video glasses contribute to pleasant relaxation – even for anxious patients. Calming drops bring great relief for anxious patients. And if these patients do not want to have anything to do with the treatment, our anaesthetist will use a gentle anaesthetic so that they can be treated whilst asleep. A lot of anxious patients have lost their fear of the dentist with us! We understand what they are going through and are able to solve their problem – or make a significant contribution to their relief.